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Fun & Creativity

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We love to use our imaginations to create beautiful things for our families to enjoy. We also love getting messy!

Art provides many learning opportunities like social development and fine motor skills. 

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We get to sing, dance, and learn about different types of instruments and music.

Music helps build confidence and inspires creativity. It is a great form of expression.


We love to investigate and use our curious minds to find out how things work.

Helps develop a child's ability to plan and problem solve. Also nurtures intellectual curiosity.


We love sensory play! Water play days every week, soft play once a month, and many other sensory activities in between.

Sensory play supports language, development, cognitive growth, fine & gross motor skills, and social interaction. Sensory is also great for helping children to feel calm and in control of their bodies.

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We love to experiment and try new ways of doing things like stacking blocks, counting, and playing with trucks and puzzles. 

Math skills can be developed at an early age. Toddlers can grasp the concept of numbers, shapes, and counting. Math helps children problem solve and develop their own spacial awareness.

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Outdoor Play

We need outdoor play so we can run, jump, and climb! We have so much energy to burn.

Outdoor play improves physical development. Physical skills (Gross Motor) are important for growth, physical coordination, and the movement of our bodies. 

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